Color Switch


Color Switch is best addictive game to play online, Fun and simple, If you are looking for a new challenging and engaging app based game to try out in your spare time, there is a new addition you may want to look in to called Color Switch. This is a tap based puzzle game that offers plenty of challenge in the form of obstacles. The goal is to move through the obstacles on the side that matches the color of your controlled on-screen character. However there is an added layer of difficulty to the game as you periodically change colors through each course.

The rules of the game are simple. You control a small ball or dot on the screen, and your goal is to continue to move through sets of moving obstacles barring your path. However you must move through the part of the obstacle matching the color of your character in order to continue on. It sounds simple, but the obstacles move quickly and you have to react quickly in order to keep up the pace of each level. If you move through at the wrong time, your character explodes into small colorful bits, and you must begin again. At the end of each level attempt you are scored based on your performance, and you gain points called stars which you can use to buy new appearances and designs for your character.

The game’s design is based on a gravity-like sequence. The ball on the screen begins to fall, either downward or upward, and you must tap the screen continuously in order to remain in one position. When you stop tapping the screen, the ball falls further into the level and passes through obstacles in front of it. This gives a very realistic feeling of gravity and space, and will actively draw you into each level.

While this is certainly an addictive game to play, it does come with drawbacks. First, this is an app game, and thus it is meant to be played on your phone, Ipad, etc. This can be seen as an added benefit though, since it naturally means you can play the game wherever you are so long as you have your phone with you. Another downside of the game is the occasional ads that popup after you play the game for awhile, however this is more of a slight annoyance than a downside.

One of the last things to mention about Color Switch is its different modes. Color switch has multiple modes to play to mix things up. These modes are challenge, race, and continuous play.

In conclusion, Color Switch is definitely a game worth trying if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time. It’s simple, engaging, and fun to play.